More Thoughts On Current Online Culture

Just as 2021 began, I have noticed (on my end anyway) an alarming surge of problems circulating on social media and media in general. Ones that were always there but amplified after President Biden’s victory. And of course you have the January 6th insurrection, a domestic sequel to 9/11.
But that’s just here in America. I am speaking about other things too. Yes, mental health advocacy on twitter is definitely something I spoke about in this blog before last year as becoming dividing and less supportive than it used to be. With COVID and lockdowns bringing out the true colors of people we thought we knew better. Recently there has been beyond outrageous news about the slime-challenge charity cause led by so-called advocate Messy4Mind being a fraud who uses this tactic to prey on women who either have and/or care about mental health issues and the slime challenges are actually for a self satisfying slime-fetish (didn’t know that was even a thing until recently) personal agenda.
Now disgusting shit like that is Absolutely unacceptable and has me and others very worried about how many people on this platform (those who we are not as close to specifically) are really who they say they are.
But besides very extreme cases of things that really do need to be exposed as horrific as they are, there are other things that are escalating on all platforms it seems more than ever.

“Cancel Culture” (quotes are intentional)
Political Incorrectness/“Freedom Of Speech”

“Not All Men” being the new “All Lives Matter” but targeted at women

Black Women VS Other Black Women
(ie Candace Owens vs Cardi B as well as YouTube personalities like Gothix overall attacking the factual idea that white supremacy exists but doing so by sounding on surface level far more level headed and articulate than most people on the “far left”, plus she misuses the term “critical thinking” A LOT)

The Royal Family/Piers Morgan

“Clout Chasing”/“Seeking Attention”

Tom MacDonald and his songs like “Fake Woke”, “No Lives Matter”, “Clown World” etc

Millennials VS Gen Z

And the list goes on and on…

Naturally, I disagree with all of the arguments coming from right-wing extremists. But I also disagree with some of the over-the-top attempts to cancel certain things. And the labels put on people if you are or not against one small thing like the rest of us.
Maybe it’s the Millennial in me. That I was born in 1988, not 1998. I don’t know. But ever since the lockdown became the new normal and has escalated because of certain people rebelling against safety regulations, online activity has skyrocketed from what I see, and with that comes more and more ways to, yes I am gonna say this, “seek attention”.
Kids attempting to “cancel” Eminem or feminists just days after DMX’s (R.I.P.) death trying to “cancel” him over lyrics from 20 plus years ago is a losing battle. One rapper is dead. (The XXXTentacion situation is very different as that was more than just lyrics). And the other rapper has been attempted to be cancelled by these kids’ grandparents for years ever since he became famous.
If you’re really outraged (as we goddamn well should be) about all of the ugly things going on in the world, go after the actual people involved, not an ultra-famous person because you heard one out-of-context lyric from “Love The Way You Lie”.
Doing this makes you no better than Candace Owens trying to cancel Cardi B, Lil Nas X etc for their provocative (relatively speaking) performances.
The same goes for those in the mental health community attacking each other because one person isn’t realistic enough with their positive outlook on getting help and/or comes across like they only care about anxiety and depression, and serious illnesses in themselves are pushed to the side. That’s your opinion. You have no proof this is how they really feel. But united we stand, divided we fall.
And to be clear, I am not saying both ends of the political spectrum are correct. One represents decency and the other destruction. THAT’S A FACT. Not something “built on emotions”, not that there’s anything wrong with that anyway. It’s more about how we’re feeding the trolls and giving the powers that be what they want. Take that however you want.
Rant over.

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