Time 4 Sum More Tweets!!

  1. Giving myself validation for how I felt last night isn’t enough.
    So after my therapy session tomorrow afternoon that will be enough to switch the universe back to being on my side again bc rn I feel like the universe is on Pre-2018 aka Against-Me Mode again.
  1. It’s not all in ur head
    It’s not just negative thoughts about urself
    It’s not ur mind being ur worst enemy or playing tricks on u
    It’s the ppl who put those thoughts in ur head from the start
    This whole “challenging negative thoughts” is victim blaming.

3. “I’m concerned for Sam. He’s been happier in the past couple years and it isn’t for conventional reasons. We must make him depressed again and force him to ‘build character’ for the almighty higher power called Society” – Non-profit anti-ableists with ablelist, corporate values

  1. What I keep hearing: “I did a great job”
    What I Truly Feel And Believe Rn: “I did a really shitty job”
  1. Dear Sam,
    Practice what u preach and stop feeling like u have to comply to supporting victim-blaming “advice” if u get the vibe right away that that’s what it is.
    Love, Sam

6. I often wonder why my therapist hasn’t been fired. You know. Because she’s really good. Not just “a good fit for me”. But good. PERIOD. The Powers That Be ain’t havin that, one would think?

  1. Me : “Politics are unavoidable for good reason but they cause too much #anxiety and do damage to my #mentalhealth

Also Me : [Goes obsessively on my timeline and replies/RTs more to Anti-Trump threads than anything else on there]

  1. Average American any year before the mid 2010s: “God hates f**s”

Those same exact ppl from the mid 2010s and forward: “I hate hate-speech and bigotry”

  1. Society post-2016 (no this isn’t Trump related) :

“Oh thank God. Coast is clear. Sam has escaped into solidarity. Now we can start actively caring about #mentalhealth out of convenience even though we hypocritically invalidated Sam’s #mentalhealth up until now”

10. To all my like-minded ppls who don’t exist and don’t plan on “having a job” anytime soon, throw ur motherfuckin hands in tha air

11. Arrggghh…..I understand what u mean but ppl really need to stop saying “MAGA is a mental illness” and instead say something like “MAGA is pure evil” but in a more clever way.

12. Woke up from a dream a couple hours ago that I was working at a job I don’t have irl where a ton of friends I don’t have irl are my co-workers and they approached me wanting to celebrate my bday that evening. Didn’t even realize it was my bday til checking the date on my phone.

13. My #anxiety level will be at a record-setting high on November 3rd. Just a warning to all non-U.S. followers I interact with (which is most of u anyway lol)

14. Once upon a time, stuff happened.

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