Time For Some More Tweets

1. Nothing bad in my life was ever my fault. (Yes I know there are gonna be some “voices of reason” trying to talk down to me as if I meant that statement 100 percent literally but that’s not my fault either)


2. If u don’t have a job where u can be u and where it’s all fun and games, ur a corporate pawn. Thank u for this Sam Talk


3. #gamingdoesgood

And closet/future-Trump supporters confiscate GameBoys from innocent students in ’99 who hate where the world is heading But ESPECIALLY when a Pokemon game cartridge is seen in it

(Middle Finger Emoji) to whoever comments with: “Jesus dude. I know how u FEEL, but Trump supporters?”


4. I was born too early

Fuck Gen Y

The Fitchburg State culture represents that generation’s culture.

It represents MAGA culture

It represents Facebook over Twitter

It represents ppl who voted for McCain in 2008

It represents ppl who will try to “reason with me” over this tweet


5. If anyone tells u, “Not all cops are bad” To me they are not meaning that literally. It’s a means to distract u from bigger picture. Just like all those AllLivesMatter bastards (or they say it so they don’t lose their job at the radio station ie. Funkmaster Flex) #DefundThePolice


6. (In response to a great article about how Trump Isn’t Aging Well)

Says what we already know.

So gonna be shallow for the very 1st (and last) time.

Physically he’s not aging well bc of when he was born,

combined with his Germanic features (the whitest of the white)

And the real reason he’s fat. Not bc of Big Macs.

PS I look like John you-know-who so I can say this shit


7. 2018 was the do or die year for me and my #mentalhealth

Twitter was the 1st life saver, but that December the 2nd thing that sealed the deal on things improving for me was meeting my first (and hopefully only) GOOD therapist .

The session I just had today reminded me of this.


8. If I ever catch anyone using phrases such as…

“victim mentality”

“Seeking [or craving] attention”

“Pity party”

“Blaming everyone but urself”

“Playing the victim” Etc…

…then we’re through.

U might as well be saying “I’m Voting For Trump Again”


9. Ppl who still think “victim mentality” is a thing are so out-of-touch and invalidating I sincerely hope they at least know the ppl they’re labeling they would never want to trade places with.

They would not survive.

Ur Average “Playing The Victim” Phrase User: “Is that a threat?”


10. I am the only one allowed to complain about drama on twitter and then contradict myself two seconds later.

I just am.



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