Poem: “Ditching The Burg”

I know when I’m right
I know when you’re wrong
I didn’t know then
Why did it take me this long?
Well now that I know
I wanna hear that ur sorry
For shifting the blame
On my one man army
You can’t say a thing
No u can’t change my mind
Those days have been murdered
No switch to rewind
I’m calling the shots
While the bar never closes
Ur land loves ur guns
And thorns on the roses
My turf gives a fuck
While ur all headshots and poses
I wasted four years with u
And nine after that
Now it’s 2020
And ur scratched off my map
Permanently, forever
I dropped the final debris
Now the tables have turned
And YOU’RE on your knees
Though I still vent about you
Hence me writing this rhyme
But all that’s ur fault
Never once was it mine
I ain’t responsible for shit
Never then, not now
Need a college diss written?
I just showed yall how…

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