Three Reassurances I Can Take Away From The Pandemic…

The coronavirus I’m sure has most people feeling trapped for a variety of reasons related to the pandemic. Quarantining, isolation and/or social distancing only being three of them. For me personally, I definitely am not a fan of it and don’t pretend to be. However, I take a few positives out of this.

The first one is actually the fact that I am relating to the frustration of being stuck in the house at all. A few years ago I would have loved this because I wouldn’t have felt the pressure of going outside to “get some fresh air”. But obviously my family can vouch for this, that these days I would go crazy if I couldn’t take multiple walks outside, especially when the weather is very good. So yeah, the fact I am not in that same deep state of depression where I would see staying indoors as a positive thing, I actually take away as a positive thing. Weird, I know. But honestly it isn’t.

The second positive is that it just reiterates how people can connect on an emotional and personal level and relate to each other without ever being in person. Now most people, out of their own safety are keeping their distance from people they would normally see all the time socially and in person. But I had no choice but to connect on a deep level with a community on twitter who I know will always be there for me and of course vice versa. And it feels far more real than people I actually met in person who were “friends”. So the fact people currently are experiencing the same thing around the globe as a means to cope, whether through video chat, social media etc. it goes to show you it isn’t just me who benefits from this type of communication and it isn’t as “anti-social” as people would have had you believe 10 or 15 years ago.

And the last positive thing I can take away from this is that once all of this is over and done with (as long as people in my home-state slow the spread and not rapidly increase it), things we took for granted before all of this will be back and the things we had and have again we can appreciate more. Not to mention on the political side of things we can take our focus back to the important issues affecting this country which, at least to me, are taking a back seat due to the much needed primary focus on the virus, even though the “president” has a different primary concern; the economy, like that’s a shocker to anyone.

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