The Effect Is Real, And How We Feel About It Is Just As Real




Everybody, and I mean everybody today, no matter what country, state, district etc you live in, is affected in some way by the CoronaVirus. The most common of course is something we all need to take seriously when it comes to protecting ourselves and others. But for some, when it comes to mental health, it cuts even deeper. People who are fighting very hard everyday to take care of their mental health and take charge of their brain, are feeling more vulnerable and helpless than they already were. The uncertainty of not knowing when this is going to end and run its course, whether people they are close to or people they live with will get sick and then some, and people who can’t afford health insurance so they take risks everyday by going into work because they have no other choice financially and their health gets put on the back burner, whatever the case may be it’s all equally real and valid.

But it can also be as simple as isolation and the fear of it. Even if you classify as an “introvert” such as myself, there are many past traumas that can factor into the fear of not having close contact with people like you normally would, let alone people who have a fear of being alone in general and are afraid to go to their house after work. Yes, this is real and very serious. Now people like that have no choice unfortunately and it’s a horrifying feeling if you were in their shoes.

Social media has its good and bad side to this. It has that already for everything but for this, the bad side to me outweighs the positive a lot more now. The media, not just the news but everyone around you, tweets, signs everywhere telling people what to do to stay safe, and even just the word “coronavirus” is enough to push some over the edge. Even if it’s being used for a good cause to protect all of us.

I for one, cannot provide the answers to anything related with moving forward and past it as none of us can. It is something to be aware of though. If you don’t have to mention it at a certain time during the day, try your best not to. Also if you are worried about your own mental health or a friend’s mental health over the topic being everywhere, simple steps like temporarily blocking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even news stories that pop up on your browser, are something we do have control over and its better than nothing as talk of the crisis is not going away for right now.

To cope with this for whatever reason at all you feel vulnerable and trapped over the circumstances, here are some helpful links I would like to provide my readers if you aren’t already familiar with them…

Also it’s worth checking out the #MHCrisisAngels blog if you haven’t already as they can provide you with some much needed peer support when you need it, especially now…

As well as a link to a very helpful and insightful blog from aspiring author Nicole Raheja, who is also a fairly new contributor to the Angels blog…

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