I’m Literally Shaking After Writing This. It Was THAT Held In For Too Long…

There is no difference between evil corporations and even the G.O.P. vs ableist organizations like A.A.N.E., McLean Hospital, Mass Rehab, NAMI or MGH/Aspire,  I don’t fucking understand why they are considered the good guys trying to “help us” in the same destructive way as Autism Speaks but in more subtle ways, and they’re are brushed off by so-called liberals and progressive minded people who response to my “complaining” about them with “You don’t have to put them out of business just because you don’t like them”. Gee. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Like people saying the exact same thing to supporters of Trump’s impeachment? Hmmm.
Or discouraging me for calling them out on my blog because “I could get sued”
Fuck That!
I’m tired of holding everything in.
I have a right to be angry.
I have a right to be “off putting”.
I have a right to feel and say my life was stolen from me by them. But not anymore. Justice is gonna be served. People will read this, tone police me, claim I’m coming across as threatening and try to call the cops on me, just like the supervisors at Wegman’s did when I worked there for two days and was open and honest, crying to them literally about how overwhelmed I was. Fuck all of them too.
I will come across as “disturbing” and “threatening” as much as I want. I only get those accusations thrown at me because I’m a big guy, I “don’t smile enough”, and I’m not conventionally good looking enough. I will not take this post down, apologize for it etc. If people try to take everything away from me like my therapist, I will make that sacrifice because my voice matters more than fitting in this fucked up society.

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