Well It’s Kind-Of A New Post? (Another Tweet Compilation)

[ When the good guys win,
We serving ourselves.
The bad guys had their chance.
The fantasy of serving everyone has expired, just like the bad guys lives will be eventually.
Ageists and Atheists 4 Lyfe

“But Sam ur thirty-on…” Blocked ]

[ #ActuallyAutistic
#abuse #trauma

“Ur not being ‘safe'”

Fuck the system

https://edmontonjournal.com/news/local-news/parents-of-autistic-child-in-seclusion-room-lawsuit-cant-sue-the-province-appeal-court/amp?__twitter_impression=true ]

[ To every slave of the GOP’s leash calling @SpeakerPelosiĀ  ‘s ripping up of the State of the Union speech a “childish act”,
Thank You for the compliment.
Everyone knows nowadays it takes the child to raise the village.
And grown-ass babies to fuck up the country. ]

[ Bunnies First?/
Who the hell made up that crap?/
Nine times out of ten it was a cat

#IfTheGetoBoysWereFamilyFriendly ]

[ Puff drags Shyne to the Grammys/
Jay pops bottles on the Trump Tower lawn/
Guess they still the same two Shawn’s (or Sean’s)

– Jay-Z’s “So Ghetto” Revisited In 2020 By Yours Truly ]

[ Nothing like pointlessly going into comment sections of tweets u fully agree with telling ppl to #VoteBlueNoMatterWho,
just knowing ur gonna see bots emerge practicing their usual division tactics.

Even throwing mental health advocates under the bus (not me) in the process ]

[ After listening to interviews with Joe Budden or Canibus over the years…

I’m tired of ppl using “being on medication” as their ways to attack them back

If they weren’t on meds, response would be “They real/don’t bite their tongue”

MAGA Kanye is an exception to this though ]

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