For My Upcoming Post…

This is strictly a heads up for what my next post (should be up tomorrow or Monday) will be about. It’s not something I have really discussed much on here yet or with anyone really. But the video/Fan-made “Industry Exposing” documentary about Kanye West in the link below will give you an idea about what issues are gonna be addressed. I only got as far as 25 or so minutes into watching this out of curiosity and found myself sick to my stomach. The last thing I needed to do after was glance at the comments. As always, it just made things worse.

My two-part post about Eminem’s drug addition in the mid 2000s and how I relate my personal mid 2010s era with it, one could say was unknowingly practice for now writing about Kanye, or should I say…The “New” Kanye. Stay tuned…

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