A Rhetorical Poem (In The Style of “Why” By Jadakiss)

Why my brain can’t give it a rest?

Why am I always on the look-out for stress?

And why must I worry I’m gonna regress

No time for that if the world is a mess

And why they gon push my patience further

Every day the news is corruption, hate and murder

It ain’t a game;

Why we suffering inside but pretend like we fine?

And why the world still act like being open’s a crime?

Why u gotta put on a smile that’s fake?

Why it took me ten fucking years for my emotions to wake?

Why in job interviews you taught to lie?

Why so many rather die? Why can’t grown men cry?

Why I quickly go from happy to pissed?

Why we compare ourselves to others? And why is ignorance bliss?

Why do toxic people seem to have more?

Why the nicest people poor? Why my mind at war?




Why our voices ain’t being heard louder?

Why we feel like we ain’t empowered? Why you call me a downer?

Why they dumb down your passion to fight?

Why it still okay to push the toxic abuse of autistic stereotypes?

Why the worst people straight white males?

Why Donald Trump still here and not locked up in jail?

Why it seem that 9 to 5s make our mental health decline?

And why they call the cops at my 9 to 5 like depression’s a crime?

Why the road to recovery an infinite path?

Why I can’t take a shortcut so abusers feel my wrath?

Why can’t you see our life is so hard?

Why you shame those struggling when they show you their scars?

Why is masking our form of protection?

Why the actions of others making me need injections?

Why we fear our happiness by now is deceased?

Why I gotta ask these questions to give my mind some peace?



Why I come across as bitter when I’m really a winner

Why you can’t see I’m a gem and it ain’t me it’s them

Why we taught inner strength is pretending to be tough

And if you give a shit about me, why can’t you see I’m enough?

Why please others dawg? I’m authentic

Why you assume I’m a threat cause I’m mad and autistic?

Why many feel the only way out is dyin?

They suffer alone and no one offer their shoulder for cryin

Why is bullying ignored at an older age?

Why I get so many triggers leaving me sad and enraged?

Why are mental health clinics run like they prisons?

Why am I tone policed and told I’m playing the victim?

Why they forcing you to fit in? Why not be yourself?

Why not show you’re worth more than money and wealth?

Why you think all this is is complaining?

Well if you got the answers let me hear some explaining

Tell us why


[Here are the song lyrics to the original source that inspired this poem…

https://genius.com/Jadakiss-why-lyrics ]











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