Recovery Road (A Self-Care Poem)

Walking down a street called Recovery Road

Walking Twenty Four Seven with a heavy load

No breaks, no sleep, but the street never ends

He pushes on and on, but the road just extends

He doesn’t want to stop because of how far he came

I should clarify a bit. The road is his brain

Two years ago and every year before

He never walked at all, he never stepped out the door

Now he can walk, he knows where to go

He would tell people yes but now he says No

He can talk now too as he found the voice they stole

He knows the road to take, it’s the advocate role

But like I said before, the road is extending

The journey up ahead has his inner thoughts trembling

But he doesn’t care as the world needs change

So his self care preaching he tries to rearrange

Applying it to everyone in the world that isn’t him

But his patience for the pressure has shrunk and wore thin

So he shouts at the foggy destination with all his might

Cussing, middle fingers up, with all bark but no bite

Next thing you know another road appears

It’s called The Past, and out walks Demons and Fears

He refuses to detour but D and F grab him

Restrain him, kidnap him and guess what happens

They threaten him with something far worse than death

Everything he worked for they will put to rest

But then he wakes up from the horrible nightmare

And is back at the road he was walking down this past year

But his tank is on empty and can’t move a muscle

So he just stays put and flat out knocks the hustle

Days and days he’s still, his mind is in the charger

Ironically the fog clears slightly and the journey’s less farther

When he starts to walk again and his battery’s back to full

The street doesn’t stretch , it just gently pulls









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