Too Much Material Not To Do Another Tweet Compilation…

Why would adults love their kids? I was forced to believe adults can do no wrong and kids are always wrong and need to be mentally sedated by corrupt society. Especially ones with Aspergers. Given the nature of half of our country, it’s clear closet Trumpkins “taught” me that.

Haven’t given the good news yet as my mind has been in all kinds of craziness last few days so this is kinda perfect timing……. I FINALLY have my first therapy appointment in nearly 2 months tomorrow. Best believe we have a lot to talk about.
Big Daddy Kane’s Thoughts In An Interview Back In 2008 From Someone Half His Age : “Did he just refer to me as Mista Ain’t No Half Steppin? I don’t understand these new homiez”
I may need to mute some of my emails that notify me of new articles about mental health or autism. At least for now. The one I tweeted about not so long ago is beyond triggering, like a lot of things have been recently.
The words “Innappropriate” and “off putting” are words I’m no stranger too. Fuck this teacher (not literally of course)
Doo doo doo
Thinking of ways to “troll” Aspire some more
Doo Doo Doo
Twitter saves lives. It may be hard to believe for some but reporting vulnerable ppl hurts and potentially ends more lives than some ppl think it saves.
More talking.
Less silence.
Less stigma.
Listen to the truth in what he’s saying from 3:06 to 3:47. If u don’t agree, ur part of the problem (the #Stigma )
It’s nearly a year since I had no choice but to quit my brand new job at Wegmans due to PTSD they refused to acknowledge or understand and instead called the police on me when I did or said absolutely nothing threatening. And anniversaries don’t sit well with me.
When I meet with my therapist again, I’m gonna make sure it isn’t used only for talking about fighting off my inner demons. . But to come up with a plan of demanding reparations from so many ppl and organizations who continue to haunt me in 2019 and getting over it isn’t enough
Being a “bad influence” has a longer positive effect on ppl than being a doormat.
What MGH/Aspire is probably telling their #ActuallyAutistic clients..
“Don’t be like Greta. She’s a bad influence. Now go fake a smile, do a masked, non-disclosed interview and get a meaningless job bc that’s as far as ur able to achieve in life. I’m NT so I know better than u.”
I hate that my brain is still being fixated on inner demons and my childhood but not on the present. I really fucking hate it.
I think it’s hilarious that Happy1st is trending, considering it’s about the first day of fall. Not from what I’m seeing. 100 years ago it was NOT still 80 degrees in Massachusetts by September 23rd and most likely well into October. And that’s only .0001% of the issue.

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