“A Madd Dawg Morning” (A Bipolar Poem)

Wake up every morning and reality returns

But not fast enough because my mind is a still a blur

I haven’t took my meds yet, and plus I had some dream

Which is quite often triggered by some thoughts behind the scenes

My brain is re-adjusting so it sees the bad and good

But with nothing in between with real perspective as it should

It’s limited again and guess what, I read the news

Off my phone’s app and on my brain it lit a fuse

It’s all about political shit I can’t escape

Caged children, shootings, hurricanes and rape

But obviously I have the right to be mad

Problem is I compare it to the life I had

So many words used from corrupt politicians

That I remember hearing from those prison school bitches

Then I start to wonder if this news happened then,

Would any type of outrage require “discipline”?

And the “adults” of the world would teach you good is bad,

So you’re bad and we’re good, now stop being sad

Or we’ll all keep you “safe” and you know what that means

So fake a smile, be a doormat and talk squeaky clean

Oh wait, where was I? Got distracted in this rhyme

I tell you this happens so many fucking times

One word, one trigger, and waking brain, comes a spiral

At least I caught it now, but could do without for a while

I need that frame of mind to get me ready for the day

Or I’ll tweet up a storm followed with that “what did he say?”

Or that “I’m concerned” or some condescending statement

And I’ll react more vicious as my mind’s still not awakened

But my pills are down, showered, breakfast done, out the door

Morning walk, headphones on, phone out, what’s in store?

Checking all the messages, remembering what I do now

Can’t remember why I spiraled, laughing, straight up goof now

Brain’s awake, motivated, fighting’s right back in me

Another day we bear it all as we been silent plenty




Here is the recently uploaded video version of the “Ditch The Mask Campaign” podcast I participated in over a month ago. Enjoy












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