#TheAngelExperience So Far Pt 2

Here is the second half of my post about what is has been like so far for me working with the MH Crisis Angels. If you would like to catch up by reading Part 1, I got a link right here


The first half of 2019 was to me the REAL beginning of the Angel Experience. Up until then, we were all trying to figure out how to handle certain situations and it took a lot of learning from mistakes and trying new things out. But what kept it all together the most was teamwork. We have to have the right people on the team, whether it’s Crisis Angels or Angel Advocates whenever one of us needs help. This includes sharing new ideas about promotion, ways to expand our reach into other social media sites and also coming up with creative tweets and online polls over a mental health subject that is being focused on globally at the time. We spent all of Suicide Awareness Day doing this. Getting together a number of mental health advocates who were not on the team but were eager to help out our 24 hour campaign to raise awareness on our end. All of this collaboration, teamwork, not to mention the Sanctuaries for the service users expanded our services for supporting people more than ever before. The Angel twitter page is getting closer and closer to reaching 5,000 followers and we make sure to interact with as many people as we can to assure everyone that this is about them, not about our numbers or anything self serving. There have been long periods in the beginning of this year when I felt like no matter how many breaks I took, I would still be exhausted beyond belief because I am the most available and active in chats, new ones and existing ones. But that wouldn’t last much longer.

I am really glad we ended up collaborating with other mental health advocates for Suicide Awareness Day and have been branching out in our ways to reach people, because in the past few months (it’s currently late July when I’m typing this) our team has grown a great deal, with new members not only coming in, being good people dedicated to the work we do, but also capable of being crisis angels themselves. When new members join the team, it’s very important that they start out strictly as an advocate, in other words, promoting our team and services on social media. But if they want to become an Angel, they would go through a training process with one of our long-time crisis angels. This set-up that wasn’t fully realized until very late 2018, was finally paying off in my eyes because now we have quite a few people, who are also really good friends, and even great bloggers, who are able to pick up new chats, spread light into people’s dark world with their daily tweets and themes they came up with on their own, as well as show tremendous enthusiasm for the work we all do that has helped improve the mental health of lots of people in different parts of the world, but that also includes me. I feel too privileged to be a part of this. I love the positive impact of our simple and informal chats with people who reach out to us feeling helpless. Not only does it make their day but it always makes my day. And the same goes for us on the team when we interact with each other, especially when it’s just us joking around because you never know how much that can decrease one’s anxiety if one of us is having a rough day.

I look forward to continuing what we’re doing until who knows how long. All I know is,what we do is about something that is very important when it comes to ending stigma, helping people cope with mental illness, and even on occasion, help save lives. So I hope things just keep getting better for all of us.


Here are the same links I posted at the bottom of Part 1:

Twitter Page of team founder @MySimpleMind

#MHCrisisAngels Blog

#MHCrisisAngels Instagram

#MHCrisisAngels Twitter page


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