Time For Some More Compiled Tweets šŸ˜

It’s okay to “have needs”

Ur not “attention seeking”, having a “pity party” or “too sensitive” by needing emotional support. Even if it’s more than once.

Reassurance Does mean a lot more than one would think.

#MHCrisisAngels #mentalhealth #FridayThoughts @MHCrisisAngels

Given the backwards misogyny of ppl who believe abortion should be banned..I wouldn’t be surprised if they would try to make a law having the only legal job for women is being a housewife who cooks, cleans and makes babies 24/7.

Not having that.



I just suddenly remembered in King of Queens when Doug was writing a poem for Carrie. And he tried rhyming Hitler with Bette Middler.

Only thing that isn’t timeless about that is he didn’t say they were beefing.

If I was in London rn (which I’m Not) the legendary Trump balloon would be what I would be using the #ItsAboveMe trend about today.

But since it isn’t, I’ll just say Everyone and Everything is above that P.O.S. @POTUS

Seriously Twitter?
You suggest for me the trend #MyFavorite80sMemory ?

How the hell can I remember shit as an infant? Don’t insult me lol

Is there a life saving vaccine for being allergic to bullshit for more than 2 years?

“An ‘abuser’ to US tariff negotiations?”

The more desperate this clown gets, the shittier and smellier (like him) his lies get.

If I’m not in position where I can defend myself, my mind goes back to my pre-teen years.
Recently been having paranoid visions of my bully GP corrupting my therapist where she turns into him so I try running away but men in white coats grab me and drag me into McLean Hospital.

I also am thankful for 50 years of joy, muppets, numbers and letters of the day and most importantly,
an old old wooden ship used during the civil war era.
Btw have they told us yet how to get to Sesame Street?
You would think GPS’s would know by now but noooo…

R Kelly needs to listen to his own song “woman’s threat” bc karma of 30 years worth is coming for him

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