A Complicated Poem

Fighting for the future

But still stuck in the past

Wanting to stand out

But also fit in at last


Feeling more secure

But needing reassurance

Supporting many people

With myself as less important


Wanting peace on earth

But can’t get peace of mind

Attacking those who oppose me

But preaching how to be kind


Self righteous like I’m supposed to be

Unlike in past times

It’s not cocky and arrogant

It’s time I got mines


Finding a path that’s focused

Walking down a road I created

The destination’s irrelevant

It’s the journey, and it can’t be faded


But my goals on the way are related

My life has many and I’ll make it

Get ready for a fresh start

We’re not numbers, we’re works of art


Nobody said it’s easy

Except our brains who tell us lies

Depression hurts

We hide our silent cries


But never “man up”

It’s 20-19

Let’s become more human

It’s not that extreme


Be the change you want

AND the change you need

But I don’t do what I said

So don’t listen to me


Only listen to those words

Because they ring true

Let me just learn to love me

And you learn to love you






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