Some Therapy Homework

Gonna share these rap lyics I just wrote with my therapist tomorrow. I think she’ll be very proud. I know I am:

“I won’t turn the other cheek
I won’t accept that I’m a freak
I won’t let u bring me down
I won’t turn my fucking frown upside down

I won’t respect crookedness
I won’t respect ignorance
I won’t respect my elders
Cause they raised to be bigoted

I won’t live my life not heard
I won’t go another day with my feelings reserved
I won’t go down without a fight
If being me is wrong, than fuck being right

I won’t seek your approval
Bc my freedom’s too crucial
And you can scold me, restrain and full-hold me
Cause karma’s cares more than ur rules do

I won’t apologize for shit
I’ll throw a motherfucking fit
Now I stand. You sit!
Cause I’m a good person and it makes you sick

I will be the change I want
I will be the change we need
Because the most important thing
Is the survival of our seeds

I will turn this shit around
I will tell my tale and stand my ground
You will listen and understand
Because a change for survival is in demand

Mental health matters
As does autism acceptance
But we still are perceived
As a potential jail sentence

I don’t give a fuck if you deny it
For 30 plus years I was made to stay quiet
Now it’s time we start a riot
If I tell u bout abuse you better buy it”

9 thoughts on “Some Therapy Homework

      1. Here’s one I believe you will like:

        Perpetual madness of the mind
        💙 This post was written during an ADHD crash moment not after. I had to push through to write it but when I can do that it helps so much.
        🙃These crazy thoughts and feelings can be described as this: 😄 ADHD brain is similar to this description:
        🙃 if you had the best sports car made and were driving it on a straight highway and it is going full force down the highway and then you realize there are no brakes. That is how my brain feels the majority of the time.


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    FOLLOWS and RTs to my blog & Comments on my post really appreciated and needed, please 😊

    📕 Here’s my latest:

    👸 rOCk CanDy queen
    💥 This post gives you insight into a cocaine addicts sOuL …

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