Months ago, like nearly a year ago actually, I was doing those “Where I’m At Right Now” posts. They represented me in a much different, still very much vulnerable me. That part of me is still here but thankfully does not pop up once every day like it used to. Anyway, I bring this up because in one of those posts I was enraged at the immigrant family separations. Now just to be clear, I still am. Not just at that, but how the media has moved on from it and only brings it up in the context of the Mueller Report, which is almost never. Something I said in that particular post was that I was ALSO frustrated at the fact that I was born 10 years too early. If I was born in 1998 instead of 1988, my life would have turned out better and I would be where I’m at now at the age of 20 because society has made somewhat of a small step towards progress (by comparison) to when I was growing up in the 90s and early 2000s. But I dismissed that frustration in the post because it wasn’t as much of a serious issue as what was going on in the world. I even used the word “selfish”. Looking back, I do not (and I would never do this by the way) regret nor shame my past self for saying this in a blog all about mental health, validation and letting me and others like me having their voices finally heard. Why? Because that was where my mind genuinely was then. And how I feel is how I feel. Then and now and in the future. But going back to the “selfish” thing, that idea is leftover from being raised off of the phrases “people have it much worse”, “it could be worse”, and the ridiculous “yeah well children are starving in Africa so stop complaining about the First World Problems you have”. It was still in me and it didn’t, and still doesn’t help because of the fucked up politics we live with that don’t affect me as much as other people. But the comparing me to others thing is dead. After being validated non-stop from my therapist, my twitter fam and people who are not leftover from much much earlier periods of my life, I realize now that..

It’s okay to complain.

It’s okay to be depressed.

It’s okay to not be happy all the time.

It’s okay to not smile all the time or at all if that’s not how you feel.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Now to wrap up this blog post, I should mention two things now.

One is a very good thing because it made me want to write this current post and it’s from one of the best people I have ever met on twitter. I will leave the blog post link from her here below..


The bad thing I do have to mention is something I discovered in my News page section of twitter a few hours ago at the time this post is being typed. Burger King is trying to jump on the Mental Health Bandwagon to capitalize on the current Awareness Month (which is happening right now in May). Let’s just say it’s the most disgusting shit I have seen for a so-called campaign because it’s not like their mockery of validating people’s feelings in their meal names (the link below will explain what I’m talking about) that may or may not drive sales of their fast food will result in them donating any of the company’s money to a worthy mental health cause. Hell no. All they want to do is take advantage of a serious subject and treat it like something that’s “trendy”. I am glad I am not the only one who sees it that way because the people in the Crisis Angels I showed this to felt just as disgusted as I was and still am. Anyway here’s the link…


4 thoughts on “#ItsOkayToNotBeOkay

  1. There’s always so many people who say we should as always be okay because other people around the world are worse off. I get that a lot but it doesn’t help at all. When you feel bad your own pain is real and your reality is dependent on your own circumstances not on others worse off. This was a great post. Not sure what to think about Burger King ๐Ÿ™„

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