That’s Right. Had To Do Another Tweet Compilation

So yesterday I was approved for Social Security Disability benefits. Not because of physical illness. Strictly for my This was the FIRST time I applied. No need for a lawyer. No nothing. Saying this was an incredibly pleasant surprise is an understatement.

I didn’t tweet about this the minute I was approved bc I really didn’t find it appropriate bc of the racist terror NZ attack. But yeah, that’s me. I feel guilty for being happy sometimes. Like it’s selfish. But just had to share.

I’m just waiting for my dad to come home and criticize the actions of . Well I don’t give a fuck. I will be moving out soon anyway once these SSI benefits take off in my savings account.

Also wanna share that was RESTRAINED by grown fucking men. I was restrained for no reason too back in school bc I’m . So forgive me if I “generalize” by comparing the Ableist agenda that’s been trying to keep me down for years with Trump supporters.

Never go out with someone who only wants you as a “future husband” Never put up with a one-sided relationship Never be manipulated. Never let the fear of losing someone damage ur until ur broke. I still survived though.

To all advocates and ppl in general, check this book out. It has the potential to make a big change in how ppl look at validation


My continues to grow rapidly. Four uploaded mixes in the last few days: Easy Mo Bee Tracks Vol 2 Rap-A-Lot Records Vol 2 Death Row Records Vol 2 (ALREADY close to 100 listeners) And So So Def Records Vol 2 (Moving up nearly the same speed as Death Row)

There is a against social media bc of it’s well known negative side. There is also still a lot of toward . But Twitter’s being used by the for Good πŸ™‚ By listening to ppl struggling mentally. DM if u feel alone

Less than 6 months ago… The was set up here on Twitter. Fast-forward to today and so many ppl around the globe on Twitter have felt so much better talking to us in the DMs. Sometimes just talking it out with ppl who care is all u need.

Did you know the was set up only less than 6 MONTHS AGO? So many ppl have benefited from our caring and understanding from our voluntary group right here on twitter. Ever want someone to just listen and validate u, just give the a DM


7 thoughts on “That’s Right. Had To Do Another Tweet Compilation

      1. Oh you’re welcome Sam. I’m glad you responded in this way. I am really happy for you and keep up with your blogging. I live with a mental illness too. I know how hard it must be for you sometimes. Just breathe and think of all the cool successes you are having with your blog.

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