Mental Illness Makes Me…

Depression makes me hate myself

Depression makes me feel I don’t deserve love

Depression makes me not accept compliments

Depression makes me unable to recognize my strengths

Depression makes me put others before myself

Depression makes me lie to myself when I scream that I love myself. In even my own blog and videos.


PTSD makes me quick to get triggered by things on the news

Bipolar clouds my thoughts and judgement when reacting to the triggers

PTSD makes me associate words and phrases with times I was hurt, no matter the difference in context

Bipolar makes me react out of fear like I am being threatened, again…regardless of the difference in context


My Learning Disability makes the mood shifts in my Bipolar escalate to bigger extremes. Needless to say, twice last year these extremes made me unable to cope where I had to go to the local emergency room.


My Logic shows up during better times of the day.

My Logic temporarily cancels out most of the what my Depression dumps on me

My Logic is still lost in the heat of the moment with what my PTSD dumps on me

But the Logic is still there.

I am not crazy.

I am not lazy.

I do not make excuses because of my mental health.

I am always honest.

I use my story to help others struggling.

One day I will not let depression stop me from being proud of myself for this. Because feeling that way is not selfish. Depression makes me believe it is…






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