Haven’t Done A Tweet Compilation In A Long Time So…

“Just saw a year-old episode of South Park earlier. It triggered me. It’s one addressing the national school shooting tragedies. What triggered me was how everyone was treating the one panicking mother as “overreacting” and “negative” like she’s supposed to see this as “normal”

Every1 in said South Park episode dismissing the scared mother reminded me of EVERY1 I dealt with my whole life who invalidated me when I was facing real problems and called me negative and bringing others down. The fact ppl still dismiss national crises makes me fucking sick.”



“I only recently yesterday found out about this [SH controversy] in our own community. It’s so stupid and goes against what we’re supposed to be about. Support. Not attacking others for a mistake they already apologized for. Anyway, that’s all I’m gonna say about it. Moving on now.”



“3 facts of the day…

1. #mentalhealth is not meant as “an excuse for everything”.

2. All trauma is valid. If you experience trauma, you experience it. It’s your mind, your body, your life. No one elses.

3. #SelfCare is not selfish/self-indulgent #MHCrisisAngels #mhap”



“You ever wonder why I am called Madd Dawg Dailey? Because I walk around mad and bitter, or at least appear to.

Bc of #ToxicMasculinity

But last year I have cried more than ever before and am damn fucking proud of it It was good for my #mentalhealth #dontfilterfeelings”



“Warning to any of my new followers on Mixcloud, if it’s bc of my recent Classic Rock mixes, scroll down and be very disappointed in the genre of what my other 400 plus mixes are lol Just wanted to branch out but it’s very temporary. Back to the strictly ghetto shit soon.”



“Well I lied. Continuing to do the rock and classic rock thang. Damn me lol Today I uploaded a Beatles mix I made 2 years ago. Something I thought I would NEVER upload. No regrets. #Mixcloud”



“Listening to Trina (aka “Well of course Trick ludda kidz but um ..Trina???”) and her Diamond Princess album from 2002 rn.
Not sure why, but all I hear in the “U and Me” track is me redoing it as a break-up song dedicated to a long term relationship with numb #depression”



This is me:
“Nobody respects me! Nobody gets me!”

*Ppl suddenly get me and shower me with praise*

“(to myself) I don’t feel I deserve this respect and validation. So anytime I get a compliment I will be overly modest and constantly say “we” and “us” instead of “I” and “me””

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