Another Message I Recently Sent In A Twitter DM.

“So this has been on my mind a little bit lately. I keep seeing on the news about how Americans are moving further to the left and Trump supporters are decreasing. Good thing right? Absolutely. And I am happy about that. But does it change how people like me with autism get treated or more-so does it erase the stigma around people with a mental illness? I know comparing this to politics is like apples to oranges but I still feel like no matter how better things get for the general population nothing changes for people like me, or us. Again, I know we’re doing our part in fighting stigma. I just feel like I should be happy seeing this good news for a change on the news, bc I wanted this political turn around to happen. But now it’s there and I’m more angry as I, even as a Resister who used to be active with stuff like that last year on Twitter, I feel like I am left out of all of this and none of it makes a difference for me. I don’t think that sounds selfish. I just had to say it. Because you know how honest I am. Thanks for listening.”

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