The Mental Health Advocate And Daniel Johnston (Part 1)

Last summer, one of my followers on Twitter from the Follow Back Resistance online movement reached out to help me on an evening I was really pissed off about something. I remember it was on the same day I uploaded my second video on YouTube. But forget the exact context. Anyway, while we were talking in a thread, he asked me out of the blue if I knew about and listened to Daniel Johnston. I for one never heard of him but was interested when he suggested I might identify with his music. I looked him up on Wikipedia. It said he was a lo-fi recording artist diagnosed with Bipolar and Schizophrenia. And obviously, like most ppl who are more familiar with non-indie-rock musicians, what brought me in the most was when the article said Dan became most famous when the late Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was seen in the public eye often wearing a t-shirt with one of his album covers on it.

The man on Twitter told me that if I try to get into his music, that I should start with hearing the song “The Story of An Artist”. Here is a link to the lyrics of that song for those to get an idea what his music is like and why I would identify with it…

Being someone who technically is still from the non-streaming era of hearing full albums and listening to a specific song in the context of it, I immediatly downloaded the full album that the song appears on. I found out this was from his second album called “Don’t Be Scared” which has the recorded month/year July 1982 on the cover (which consists of a drawing of a cartoon-esque figure whose scalp is missing and is doing a slam dunk-esque hand motion…yeah well, I tried giving a good description anyway).

Anyway, when it came time to listen to the damn thing (lets just say using earbuds on ur phone isn’t a good way go listen to this guy’s early recordings), I had NO idea what I was in for. But was soon to be blown away and immediately hooked…(to be cont’d)

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