How Twitter Saved My Life (Part 4)

I was really set at that point to connect with as many Mental Health advocates on Twitter as I could and relate to what we have been going through. Some of these people I connected with were small groups leading a specific mental health campaign and bad their own website, YouTube page and an additional group on Facebook. I tried being as active as I could to get to know all these people. I began noticing many of these people were also bloggers. One person with fibromyalgia had a blog on WordPress I was a huge fan of. It was so direct, with a rightfully frustrated tone but also very well written topics mainly describing the ignorance people like her face with an invisible illness that is both mental AND physical.
But the most significant and positive thing I was having a strong epiphany over, was knowing I was NOT the only person struggling inside with a mental illness and struggling even more with how it was effecting different aspects of my life. From toxic friendships, to flashbacks of abuse to still living at home and dreading my upcoming birthday when I would turn 30. And by the time I noticed how many people in different parts of the world could relate to me through Twitter, the social outlet and sense of community I was desperate for on the first day of no longer being numb, I finally had. But this time, it was with the RIGHT people.
This would become a growing and exciting experience for me in the long run. But things were still just shaping up and I still felt like my blog was invisible to many people.
But one new thing I was beginning to see with me was a very real and scary struggle. I could not stop crying over the smallest things. And this would be something happening at least once every week. The day this was at its ultimate worst was on the day of another massive school shooting. This time in Santa Fe, Texas. I ironically found out about this on Twitter via a couple of resisters I was following. This had absolutely nothing to do with me. But living underthe Trump administration for nearly a year and a half by then was really taking a toll on my mental health more than ever and a couple months after the Parkland tragedy, it was clear America was becoming more fucked up than it ever was before. Had I still been numb, I probably would have pretended it didn’t bother me or just got pissed. But now with a fresh brain with bottled up emotions being vomited out at once, I was very vulnerable to just about anything. And sure enough, I would begin following more and more resisters on Twitter as a result of this new anxiety I was facing due to all of the gruesome current events… (to be cont’d)

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