A Day In The Life Of A Crisis Angel @MHCrisisAngels

Hey everyone! So if you are either new to my blog, welcome and I will introduce myself.

My name is Sam and I have bipolar and PTSD from a traumatic 3 years in school as a pre-teen. I also in a not-so-unrelated sense am on the autistic spectrum and was diagnosed way back when I was 7 and there was very little knowledge about the disability. From 2008 to the beginning of 2018 I have suffered from numb depression on top of all this. It stuck with me through college and especially after college but the numbness somehow evaporated early this year and I felt like I was reborn. I took it upon myself to start a blog getting out all of my frustrations with my life in the past and present, and educated people on what it’s like with my conditions and what it is not like. Shortly after, I rejoined twitter and quickly became a Mental Health Advocate. I connected with a lot of people with similar experiences in little to no time and felt comfortable in my own skin again to say the least. Then a few months later I noticed a tweet from a recent new follower called @MySimpleMind. She was trying to recruit people for a brand new twitter group that was called the @MHCrisisAngels. I immediately took this opportunity to get involved in what I saw as a cause in social media that had the potential to help more people than anyone at the time probably expected. I DM’d her. She asked me a few questions to make sure I was a good fit for this kind of work. And sure enough, later that day, I was a MH Crisis Angel and nearly 2 months later I am blessed to be part of this team and what we do 🙂

Anyway, so what I wanted to tell everyone given the title of this post is about my role as a MH Crisis Angel and what a typical day is like for me in that role.

I get up, shower, get dressed and immediately go to my phone to catch up on every group chat I am in. This mainly consists of the Angels chat, the Gettin Chatty chat (did I mention the word chat?), the Comms and lastly, existing crisis chats from people who reached out and I spoke to earlier.

I go to the Angels chat and say hi to everyone that is online at that moment. We talk about how we are feeling, what’s going on with us etc. Throughout the day, I have my phone with me at all times. I will check the DM lineup on twitter to see any updates that are important. Like if I see the Angels twitter page appear on the Angels chat and asks if anyone is available to be added to a new chat with a service user (someone who is in a crisis and wants to reach out to us) I am always wanting to be there to say yes. If I am added in that chat, I will introduce myself, they will eventually do the same, say how they are feeling mood wise on a scale of 1 to 10 and for an hour or so I would listen to anything they want to share and talk about that is bothering, worrying or affecting them mentally. If they are very vulnerable and feel suicidal I will ask them what country they live in and then google mh servies or suicide prevention services in their area and then paste the links in the chat. The people who reach out are always welcome to chat again if they want so the thread stays open with whoever has been added into it. So I will also throughout the day be on the lookout for existing chats I am already in to see if anyone I have already made a connection with needs to reach out again, and if I am available and my hands are not tied, of course I would want to jump in and say hi to them and how they are doing and what they would like to talk about this time.

Aside from that I would be doing promotional tweets for us with the Angels twitter account tagged within them. This could either be to encourage more people to reach out to us if they are struggling, or to recruit new angels or advocates, or to increase the followers on the Angels twitter page.

So that’s my general rundown of what a typical day is like for my role. It is so rewarding and I am thankful everyday for the relationships I have built with the people who reached out to us and I specifically got to talk to. And the same goes for the friendships I have made with the people in my Crisis Angels and Advocates team. I love you guys 🙂

Follow the Angels Twitter account here

And their blog here

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