My Bipolar Experience

The last few months have been scary beyond belief. I have always had ups and downs with my mood going from very upbeat to an extreme feeling of despair or anger. But I have always managed to only have this happen when things get really bad. But lately this is far more frequent and it is caused by the smallest things said to me and the smallest misunderstandings between me and other people. I see things as Make It Or Break It far too often. I not only feel an extreme mood change. Now it has been getting triggered, feeling personally attacked and thinking everything going good for me is being flushed down the toilet at once. I have a strong feeling that it is due to my numbness from depression going away back in March. Obviously you all know from previous posts about my excessive crying moments. Well those certainly are part if this too and are not going away anytime soon. Given how all of these things seem to take place unpredictably and even during times when I have something very important to do or attend, it messes everything up and once again puts my life on hold. Medication isn’t doing jack shit for it. Even when it’s otherwise working the best it ever has all year. Just needed to share this as the topic for my newest post because while I have things slowly going for me, my vulnerability is at an all time high. Do I keep going? Yes. But do I still feel horrible? Yes. More than ever. Having said that, when I am feeling good, I’m feeling REALLY good. But just like I have said to many a psyschiatrist before FINALLY being diagnosed with Bipolar, there is no middle ground. And I hate it.

Also, please check out this tweet below…

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