Another Post Here I Compiled Together From A DM

I’m so fucking tired of these so-called anti-prejudice ppl who act like they understand my struggle in a ableist anti-autism society but criticize my being frustrated about it when any other group would get a full mob recognition and support from the masses. Fuck them all. Fake ass “resisters” playing favorites. I know it’s just one reply and everyone trying to reach ppl is going to receive trolls etc but just like you guys were heated about dickheads attacking the angels (as was I) I get very raged when ppl who I thought would understand me give me shit bc of who I am. I hope this made sense. I just hate double standards. It’s my #1 pet peeve and I’m pissed rn.

I know very well if ur trying to reach ppl ur going to get trolls and simply ppl that disagree with u etc. I am just very frustrated and a little triggered rn bc ppl on twitter that are well known resisters and follow me are replying to me telling me to calm down, that I’m playing the victim and not taking responsibility and asking if I should consider taking meds (which I have been doing since I was 10 thank you very much). I am so fucking tired of social justice having only certain groups with a voice while we’re “over-reacting”

What bothers me the most is these are not even trolls. They’re resisters. How can someone one minute become furious at the children held captive on the Mexican border and then turn around and look at me as “damn lucky” when I talk about my PTSD from going to a prison-like environment school during my middle school years that I never needed to go to in the first place (cuz I was labeled bad simply bc Columbine happened and I was a “risk” for being on the spectrum) and was held face down on the ground by four teachers at least once every week when I was upset? I don’t understand how that makes me “damn lucky” and not worth being outraged and angry at years later. I really don’t.

I just felt I had to bring this up on here bc nobody in my real life understands how much pain I live with everyday from a 3 year experience 20 years ago.

And the thing is, if people like me were only looking for a chance to be self-important, then how exactly does that explain why I have been crying at least once a week this year every-time this subject comes up? It is definitely not acting or playing the victim or making up stuff. The other thing is, bc I was so young, I was forced to actually believe I was a bad person and I pretty much carried that feeling all thru college and even after with a 7-year-long relationship with a woman who really was self-righteous and got annoyed whenever I tried to tell my story and get emotional about it. The revelation didn’t hit me until this year so the PTSD and everything else kicks in while my young, pre-abused and proud self returns.

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