Told Someone This In A DM Just Now. This Is Honestly How I Feel

I honestly feel like there is a double standard set against me. It’s like so many ppl express themselves and what they’ve been thru uncompromisingly and a whole mob of ppl agree and support them. When I do it no differently, everytime I get ppl who are “put off” by it and tell me they’re worried about me in the most condescending way possible.

A little bit twitter but mostly throughout my real life. The biggest example is ppl like me on the spectrum have been physically and mentally abused by teachers in school as kids. My parents only told me now they disapproved of it when I wish they told me this back then. And now whenever there is a movement about discrimination, police brutality or sexual assault ppl like me are voiceless. When I raise mine about my own experience, everyone turns the other way. The job placement programs I was a part of for years pretty much taught us to behave like “normal” ppl to be successful. When I said something about it and most of the other ppl on the spectrum my age agreed with me, the neurotypical ppl running it (who shouldn’t be anyway if they’re neurotypical) said tried tone policing us and then advised us not to disclose on the job. This would never happen or be allowed to happen with a mainstream issue.
And fyi these harmful “restraints” in schools continue to happen 20 years later. And it’s not much better than the caged children on the mexican border.

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