The Mental Health Awareness Project

Hello everyone. It has been a long time since I was last blogging on here with an actual post that wasn’t a tweet or about other bloggers. Well, today’s long overdue post is kinda sorta about other bloggers as well but in the sense that blogging is very much related in the subject here. As you can see from the title, this is about the Mental Health Awareness Project. I had been meaning to and promising to write my promotional piece on it for two weeks now so here it is finally. Let’s get to it…

So basically this project was founded and organized by @ItsNicoleCarman who is a mental health advocate I know on twitter and also has a blog. She has me being one of the organizers as well on social media. The project is going to start officially on January 1st of 2019 and will run throughout the entire year. It’s goal is to use blogging, writing and just any form of expression online from mental health advocates to raise awareness to the public and help end stigma and ignorance on the subject in society. Each month is meant to represent a specific subject we will all cover individually and share and post online, not just on social media but through a website here that will launch once the ball drops at the end of the year. Everyone is welcome to get involved that wants to share their experiences with a mental illness and the negative effects it has on our lives. On top of what I have been doing with the Mental Health Crisis Angels, I will be posting a lot of blog posts in 2019 that you will see here but on that site as well. The purpose of this whole project is to educate not just people without a mental illness but also to raise the voices of people who do have one and make them less afraid to talk about it. The more talk, the better.
This right here is more information on the project from the blog post courtesy of Nicole Carmen herself.  Give it a read, give it a like and if you are interested in getting involved in any way, her contact information is stored in that post.
And also to those who didn’t read my post yet on the Mental Health Crisis Angels, here is the link to my post on it on my blogspot site and here is the link to that same post on my WordPress account.

Peace out and I will see you all next blog post and/or next video.

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