Blogger Recognition Award

I was very recently nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award over at Navigating Darkness which is run by the very generous and dedicated mental health blogger Nicole Carmen. As always, if you have not followed her blog yet, I highly suggest you do. You will thank me later. And always make sure to follow her on Twitter if you haven’t already 🙂 @ItsNicoleCarmen

The Blogger Recognition Award is awarded to bloggers, by bloggers, to recognize our peers’ hard work on their blog. Blogging isn’t easy. We have to maintain our website and keep it 100 with our content, know our audience, make sure we’re on our A-game with SEO, network with other bloggers, and market ourselves. It definitely takes a lot of creativity and dedication. Whatever motivated you to start your blog, you always want to maintain that drive as later as a year and then some.

While most bloggers in the blogging world are supportive of one another, I appreciate that these awards exist because it allows us to tell our peers how great of a job they’re doing. These little blogger-created awards may not seem like a big deal to some, but I never underestimate the power of a good compliment.


There are a few steps involved in accepting the award:

1. Write a post to showcase your award
2. Give a brief story of how your blog started.
3. Give two pieces of advice for new bloggers.
4. Thank those that nominated you and link their blog
5. Select other blogs to give the award to.



I have suffered with depression for 10 years. When this all started, I felt different from just a year earlier where whatever would always excite me I was suddenly numb to. I hated myself and overate a lot as well. I won’t go into the really dark details but they were the worst years of my life. And with all that, I was being held back from functioning in society from the trauma that I experienced for years of abuse in schools as kid because of my autism.

So this year in 2018 when my depression took it’s toll and all the numbness just went away overnight with so many emotions buried inside spilling out, I wanted to devote my currently open time to doing something big for people like me and tell my story to help others who can relate and one day help push autism awareness and acceptance billions of mikes ahead of where it is and advocate for people suffering with their mental illnesses. Once I started, I wanted to market it and learned social media was an important step in doing so. Long story short, this all led to meet so many amazing people on Twitter who literally saved my life this year and are literally the best people you will ever meet (to loosely quote “Mean Girls”) with no exaggeration.

My Advice For New Bloggers

Be true to yourself and your content. Whatever made you want to start blogging, keep that drive with you til the end. You are doing it for a purpose and as long as you care about it, you should never reach a point where you feel like blogging is a chore. But my second piece of advice to extend on the first one is that blogging (especially in mental health advocacy) has no time limit in between blogs. It should be quality over quality. Don’t set a hectic schedule for it. When inspiration pops into your head, that would be the time to get down to writing something. And as always, don’t just self-promote, but connect with others bloggers as well in your own circle. And if you get recognition for your work, always check their work out too and exchange feedback.


I’d Like To Recognize These Bloggers

These are some of the bloggers that I would like to give recognition to and tag on Twitter because they are equally dedicated to ending the stigma and are very active on social media connecting with many people with similar experiences along with helping many people suffering. Bottom line, amazing people. Here are some links to a few twitter profiles of these bloggers…















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