The MH Crisis Angels

Welcome back to all my readers and to people just joining me for the first time. These next couple of posts (starting with this one) are going to be a little different. While I am involved in both of the subjects I am going to touch on, this is not going to be about me per se. At least not a personal post but a promotional post.

There have been a couple of truly amazing and forward thinking movements getting started in the Mental Health Twitter community. Having been involved with these amazing people (yeah I am already saying “amazing” a lot lol) for a great deal in 2018 and during the better half of doing this blog, I am involved in both of these. At least both of the things I am going to tell yall about.

This post is about the MH Crisis Angels. We are a peer support group on twitter that uses Direct Message chatting as a means to help talk and support people in a crisis. The crisis could range from simply needing a shoulder to cry on, to being on the verge of a panic attack, to suicidal thoughts. We are a voluntary team of “Angels” that are there round the clock to support whoever has heard of us, contacts the administrators, and reaches out to us during a crisis. As of right now while I am typing this, we have five angels and a good number of advocates as well helping to get the word out about us on social media. Generally how it works is if someone on twitter reaches out to us, the administrators receive the SOS and call on one or two of us (depending on who is available at the given time) to talk with this person and be there to emotionally support them and make them feel wanted and cared for. While we are not professionals and can only do so much, we can talk things out and let the person unload whatever is on their minds while generally offering words of understanding, compassion and encouragement. The two administrators that started and moderate this new community have started recruiting angels and advocates a couple days ago and me being the one of the first, it has been an extremely rewarding experience committing to this while watching us grow and constantly work as a team. If anything is the key in all of this, just like in a professional job, it’s communication, teamwork and commitment. And with the kind of stuff we’re doing, these are very crucial things that cannot be forgotten about for a second.

I highly recommend to reach out to us whenever you are in a vulnerable state. And if you are interested in joining and getting involved, the administrators for the team are just one Direct Message away. And speaking of the administrators, I now want to do what I guess after my previous post will become a normal thing now at the end of my posts. I am going to give you all a few links to some of people I am working with.

The person on twitter that started it all simply goes by the simple name of @My_SimpleMind
While she does not have a blog at the moment, she has been recruiting some amazing mental health advocates in such a short amount of time and has a great passion for helping those in need.

The other person that moderates this group and has assisted SimpleMind in putting this all together and then some, is @TheGoodTheHuma1

She not only has been a huge support for all of us on the team AND for quite some time on twitter, but she also has a very well written, insightful and useful blog that centers around mental health from a counseling perspective. One of her recent posts I want to share specifically below because it is also about the MH Crisis Angels and goes into some very well organized information that I most likely didn’t touch on in this post (lol). Please check out the link below if and follow her blog as well.

The next post will be about the Mental Health Awareness Project that is being put together by 
She also has a mental health blog that I provided you all a link to in my previous post but of course once is never enough so if you didn’t see it then, here it is. Please give her a follow…

And also in my previous post I provided a blog link from @dawndusk16
Here it is again and most definitely give her a follow if you haven’t already…

I will catch yall with the next post about the #MHAP. Peace out!

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