Tweet Compilation #6 (Last Couple Days)

No matter how many times life seems hopeless and ur mental illness is taking over you, if you’re reading this now, it means ur still here and someone on here cares about you and believes in you and thinks ur awesome for percervering through so much and conquering it all 🙂

score for me today? Still not very good. Gotta do EVERYTHING possible to get my shit together for the follow-up interview late this afternoon. You Will Not Win.
“I was abused as a kid” Ohh I’m so sorry 😦 Rape is a serious issue. “No I was held down to the ground by multiple teachers every other day for being ” Oh……(walks away)

(1/ ) Thread can be a gift. It is certainly not a curse. Nor a disease or illness. One person may have a photographic memory. Another may show more empathy than NTs. Another may show vast attention to detail. And some…
(2/ ) …may master a task at their job sooner than one thinks. We may start out slow but with constant repetition, we can master something within a day like it’s second nature. It’s all different, but most importantly, it’s positive. Not a burden. Not something…
(3/ ) …that has or needs a “cure”. Taking away our dignity and rights is simple as having the majority of in society the negative stereotypes that are not only hateful, but are all the same. The somewhat shifting in is a start but…
…(4/ ) …we can’t fall back just bc there is SOME improvement in understanding compared to 20 years ago. It’s not enough. Us being an obvious exception when it comes to ppl being equal is very much TRUE still in mainstream society. It’s subtle but it is…
(5/5) …very much relevant and true. This is not a personal bias. This is my life experience combined with so many others, many of which not even diagnosed yet, and our stories and opinions are valid, relevant and 100 percent credible. Just like anyone else’s.

I get really concerned when followers AND followers both “like” false claims in tweets by . Like…what’s up with that?

Once I started this list two and a half days ago to track what triggers my in a bad way, I have 10 different things on the list now. Recurring theme? Living here with my parents at 30. Fuck the dilemma of being toxic but still putting a roof over ur head.
Only thing I will add is celebrities ODing and awareness months should exist not as just a sad but brief event or timeframe, but a MESSAGE to continue talking about to break the taboo. Same with in general. is a great example
After 5 hours of countless moments of traffic, cop cars, construction sites, and little to no battery on my phone, my dry run of how to get to what is hopefully my new job is finally complete and I’m back home. Now to do my damn blog post and prepare for canvassing tomorrow.
Canvassing went great once again. Amazing people. NO ONE can make the assumption that people are all anti-social.

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