Some Personal, Semi-Breaking News…

Here are two personal breaking (well they were breaking at the time) news stories from yours truly:

1. As I am beginning to type this blog post I am sure everyone has just been on the edge of their seat waiting for (LOL) I had just got back from a 5 hour (at least) dry run of how to get to what will hopefully be my new job. I had a phone interview a few days ago which lasted exactly half an hour and truth be told, I disclosed in the middle of the interview. When I was asked a question about what made me leave one of my previous jobs, I told her straight up how my autism, AND anxiety was causing me panic attacks at the customer service desk of a certain job that I may have described in much greater detail in one of my “Jobs Vs. The Spectrum” posts from a long time ago. Anyway, after going through the usual drill during the rest of the interview where I think of and ask really good questions for them on the spot and answer their questions about what to do in a specific scenario, all with really good answers on the spot (I know, I’m so awesome, sometimes I have trouble turning my awesomeness off)…anyway as I was saying, after all that, the interview concluded and I was told if the hiring managers like the notes she took down from what I said, they will call me back to set up a 2nd interview which would be in person. Because I was so candid in the question where I disclosed, my initial thought was “I can tell right away they will not call me back”….until they did two days later. So now I have a second interview scheduled for this coming Monday and I’m crossing my fingers that I will get this one. I don’t want to say what this job is yet (honestly it’s not that special, but anything that’s do-able for me that pays is good at the moment so yeah) but I am glad I applied for it which I would have never done a year or even two years ago.

2. Something that I have mentioned on twitter yesterday (Tweet Compilation Pt 6 will be coming soon!!!!!!! Just not too soon) is that I am gonna start making a list on my phone of things that trigger my mind in the moment where I feel overly angry, vulnerable or simply irritable and very annoyed. Whatever the cause is, I will get my phone out right away and add it to the list before I forget it (and with my depression, I WILL forget it because my short term memory has been a little (just a little) fucked up since 2014). Last night I listed one thing. Today, all while I was on the two buses back and forth during this dry run, I had to add four new things to the list. The good part about it though is I can now start to see patterns in what makes me tick the most once I get maybe 20 or more moments on this list. That to me is self taught psychology to a certain degree and I see it being very useful for me anyway. But having said that, other people who saw me announce this on twitter think this is a great idea too and may try it out themselves. So if you’re reading this and can relate (nearly all of my WordPress readers right now are Mental Health bloggers so you probably can relate) I suggest trying it out for yourself as well. I may even show this list to my psychiatrist next time I see her. It might help both of us to make things easier and faster when I explain my moods that took place in between visits.

Anyway, this is what is currently happening in the world of Madd Dawg Dailey. As I am typing this and almost ready to add tags and upload this, tomorrow I will be doing some more canvassing for the Massachusetts Question 3 ballot, just like what I described in the previous blog post. Speaking of which, I did do what I preach and voted in the primary a few days ago. What’s weird is back when I was younger and rap music dictated to me what was right and wrong as a whole, I unfortunately thought voting was bullshit and no matter who you are, if you’re a politician, you’re evil. Though best believe I still voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Obama in both of his terms. I’m glad I DID NOT go with what I “preached” back a few years ago. For the record, I take little to no responsibility for the negative things that happened to me in my life, but I do make the voting attitude I sorta had an exception. At least I didn’t act on it. Thank GOD for that.

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