Abuse In Autism Treatment Needs More Coverage (Originally Published July 8th 2018)

First off I would like to invite you to check out this link. This is beyond disturbing and unacceptable. And above all, abusive to autistic children, or ANYONE for that matter.


Another disturbing thing I discovered recently is the ABA is using autistic babies for research testing the same way dogs or small pets are used. I want to find the link to it that me and many other Autism Advocates found on Twitter today and yesterday, but it has since been deleted so I can’t give you any more information about that at this time. What troubles me though is I can’t find any recent news stories on it either through Google. And what I CAN find is equally disturbing methods parents with autistic kids are using. All of these are being hosted through the Autism Speaks website. And every time you google something autism related, Autism Speaks is one of the first (if not THE first) sites to come up in the results. It’s outrageous!

But this is where it gets even more outrageous. Nobody seems to be aware of all the abuse, nor do they see it that way. OR they do but it doesn’t bother them. Stigma is very real and it needs to be executed sooner rather than later. If you advocate for these kinds of causes I urge anyone reading this (or a similar blog post/tweet on the subject) to share it with EVERYONE. Not just people in the autistic community. EVERYONE. The world (not just the US) needs to know more about these things. Some “experts” in these corporations go about this like it’s okay and do it behind closed doors. It is no different than the Trump administration, except that fat pig is president (only by label and status) so he can’t keep a lot of stuff under wraps, as much as he attempts to.
Public outrage is a great thing because it can bring forth change. Just like I said about mental health in a blog post from around a month ago, this issue needs a LOT more publicity and needs to be taken seriously in the same vane as other serious topics of today, to which there are just too many and it’s depressing. But that should not keep speaking out against injustice in Autism treatment quiet. Speak louder. Write about it. Tweet about it. Blog about it. Share the stories that DO exist with everyone you know, especially online. Spread the word. We deserve to be heard. Equality and civil rights should apply to everyone and saying some progress has been made is no excuse for letting these legitimate problems go unnoticed. Children and even adults get killed from these methods. And while restraining small children in schools is no longer tolerated where I live, it continues in other states and countries and not enough people speak up. So SPEAK UP. Don’t be influenced by anyone trying to brainwash you into thinking it’s okay and we deserve it. NOBODY deserves it. It is abuse AND it is murder.
Being autistic is not something to be ashamed of let alone punished and tortured for.

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