Tweet Compilation Pt 5 (More Political Than Usual, Sorry)

Email says #mixcloud won’t continue having my “Funkmaster Flex/Big Kap – The Tunnel” album/mixtape up bc its “multiple tracks from the same artist”.
Stop going by what the tracklist says. DJs are not the “artists”.
I don’t recall LL Cool J or the Ruff Ryders doing every song.
Just like Trump. Looks like @JennyMcCarthy has her own evil, brainwashed, hate-fueled cult-base.
#actuallyautistic #EndAbleismNow
I say this a lot but #depression is a legit disorder and not an excuse to be “lazy”
Also, #suicide is not selfish. The only selfishness comes from ppl who only react to it based on how it only affects THEM.
Breaking out of years of numb #depression HURTS. So much emotion at once.
If I was going to school these days I would be wearing a custom made bulletproof hoodie everyday.
Seriously, like managers like to say,
“What the FUCK is going on here?!”
#FuckTheNRA #NeverAgain
(My comment on a tweet about someone caught with a gun on the 8th day of the school year. WTF!!!!)
Why are Republicans giving a giant double standard with what Trump’s getting away with vs Bill Clinton?
You would say stupid. U would say cult. Say what u want. But it’s only two words…
90s PHOBIA and I fucking hate it!!
Ice Cube:
The Peck[er] Order (1998)
Also that year the whole “I did not have sex with that woman” thing.
Simpler times.
For real? I’m a Dem to my death and I say #Impeach45 over and over and over again. How the hell can he NOT eventually be impeached given everything that’s happened in the past day (if not the past 2 years)? If Cohen’s guilty…yeah u get the picture.
(Another comment)
#IHaveAHardTimeAccepting that I am still struggling with life’s (society’s) “expectations” at my age bc of my #autism
#IHaveAHardTimeAccepting that ppl STILL attend Trump rallies.
Don’t wanna diss other #resisters but gotta throw in a subliminal now. I don’t follow her anyway. Don’t attack @davidhogg111 over what u perceive is an “ageist”/”misogynist” tweet. Maybe this is me being biased but young ppl ain’t reachin when they say they’re the #1 victims here.
Still meh.
Actually slightly worse than when I last commented on this a couple hours ago.
There are always gonna be a few down days every now and then.
Dropping individual loads of emotional baggage after years of complete numbness is no joke.
#mentalhealth #depression #bipolar
My very 1st time quoting an ad. But I don’t care. The answer is YES. Deal with it. Not an opinion. FACT! Don’t let the technology fool you. Economically, academically and especially politically, we’re pushed to the side and blamed for it.
#TruthIsTruth #fuckthesystem
(Comment on a promoted tweet asking “Do Millenials have to work twice as hard as Baby Boomers?”)

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