Bad Decisions In 4 Words

One of the trending hashtags on Twitter today was called #BadDecisionIn4Words. I tweeted a couple of my examples on there. But I would like to share with you a much larger amount of these that I have thought up and bring up some really important points in the process.
So here we go…

Voting For Donald Trump
“Autism Can Be Cured”
Restraining kids in school
Locking kids in cages
Seperating kids from families
Shooting Up A School
Raping Women And Children
Tone policing suffering people
“It’s not that bad”
“You need to chill”
“We are not responsible”
Not voting this year
Blaming autism for violence
Joking about disabled people
“You need to relax”
“Just grow up already”
“Go out and play”
“Get out of bed”
“Suck it up, pussy”
Not speaking your mind
Masking for social appoval
Making fun of friends
Making fun of people
Making a racist comment
Supporting a racist agenda
Supporting an abusive agenda
Siding with the abuser
“You’re being negative Sam!!”
Telling people to smile
Being invalidating to others
Denying you’re playing favorites
Only caring about yourself
Telling someone they’re ugly
Typecasting someone as ugly
Making people hate themselves
Making autistics hate themselves
Always living a lie.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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