Tweet Compilation Pt 3

Easy applied to 2 local places this morning. After taking the bus back from my 3 mile walk, applying for more do-able positions. Still gonna disclose in interviews. #actuallyautistic #Jobs #TakeTheMaskOff

Got an interview tomorrow. Not nervous at all actually. I am not intimidated because I am not going to mask. But trust me when I say my likable personality WILL show regardless..but genuinely.

#ActuallyAutistic #TakeTheMaskOff #Jobs

A very thought out perspective on voting and reform on specific things. Only skimmed through this guy’s essays so far but I agree with pretty much everything I HAVE read. Check this site out for urself 🙂 #Resist #VoteThemOut

We Can Fix This Mess!:

I’m not used to using Twitter on my laptop instead of my phone. So I didn’t know of “Trends For you” before lol. Twitter is creepy. “Red Line”? So u don’t know where my interview today is but u know how I’m getting there transportation wise? Bot stalker lol #ThursdayThoughts

Best interview ever!!! 😃 And yes I disclosed 💪

#ActuallyAutistic #Jobs #MentalHealth #TakeTheMaskOff

Got a follow up call on Monday but things are so far looking good. Just in case I got an interview for something else tomorrow morning :)


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