Tweet Compilation Pt 2

These were all from today..and one last night. It was not a good day for me. But I still had some words of wisdom during the brief hours when I wasn’t mad at the world…which is still pretty rare. So enjoy 🙂

When ur having a hard time coping with ur thoughts/can’t turn them off, do what u can to relax for just a minute and before it wears off (bc it’s NOT real to just “relax”) remember that ur #mentalillness can be molded into helping others in the same struggle. Then…Let It Out!!

I just realized something I really messed up on today which would explain a lot. I forgot to take my meds. I finally did an hour ago. So yeah I forgive myself..and phew!! #Depression #mentalhealth #Psychiatry #MentalIllness #ActuallyAutistic #MentalHealthMatters

@employablemeusa wouldn’t call me back the 2nd time to cast me because I wasn’t some happy go luck Aspie. I told them my physical/mental abuse at school story. I JUST KNOW that’s what turned them off. They just don’t have the balls to admit it. #ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth

If u just want positive tweets ONLY from me and don’t like me venting my legit concerns, stories and VERY LEGIT frustrations, hurry up and unfollow me now. #mentalhealth #depression #KeepTalkingMH #SickNotWeak #frustrated #bipolar #PTSD #ActuallyAutistic #MentalHealthReformNOW

My life goal is to wake up in an alternate universe where I was born 10 years after I was born in real life. I HATE GROWING UP AND BEING GROWN UP LIKE THIS. Every time I find my voice, it’s at a time where the world refuses to listen. #mentalhealth #depression #KeepTalkingMH

Pushing ppl away is my new style. Wait! No it isn’t. I’ve been doing that my whole life!! I ACCEPT ZERO RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT! #depression #mentalhealth #HadItUpToHere

Damn. Am I #bipolar or what? Last night I was raging over bad conclusions and assumptions I made on my own. Now I’m myself again like someone magically snapped their fingers an hour ago. Scary but at least I’m self aware. #KeepTalkingMH #MentalHealth #depression #recovery

I still want #recovery . I gotta remind myself that I deserve to be happy just like anyone else. I’m not betraying me/what I’ve been thru by getting better. I’m always telling ppl ur #MentalHealth comes first. It’s true. Whether ppl take my story seriously or not is not my fault.

I focus on the past, present AND the future when it comes to my #mentalillness and how it originated from my abuse as a kid who is #ActuallyAutistic . My solution is not just “success” and “living well”. Ppl need to be held accountable. Electric shock “therapy”?!! CNN, get on it.


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