Tweet Compilation Pt 1

Here are a few tweets from my account (@MaddDawgDailey) over the past week. The last one (3-part thread) was from early June and is my pinned tweet. Meaning it’s the first thing you see on my profile. Enjoy!….

Whatever road to #Recovery u may be on, remember that the speed limit can change everyday. Stay in that limit. Don’t put pressure on urself. Don’t set 2 many expectations. Go with ur gut and ONLY ur own. Taking care of ur #MentalHealth is just as important as ur physical health.

Recovery to me is like having run in a marathon that lasted for years with no breaks, but you finally reached the finish line and end up stronger but also more relaxed, hopeful and confident than ever.

Thread Question:

How do you cope with suicidal thoughts?

My Answer:

I think about everyone I care about and who cares about me AND how I have been thru similar mental obstacles before but bounced back. Then talking it out with ppl who WON’T shame me for it. And then maybe watching/listening to something I find funny. #sicknotweak

Just saw an #ActuallyAutistic advocate refer to the word “cure” as the c-word. Never thought of that! U know because it’s ALSO a 4-letter-word.

So with that being said, anyone who uses THAT c-word (thinks #autism is curable) is the OTHER c-word.

Can’t front on facts over lies.

People who are there for others should feel no shame for needing the same support in return from those same other people when in a #MentalHealth crisis. There’s a reason we say “It’s okay to not be okay”. #Depression #SpeakUp #YouMatter

I’m still as obnoxiously #Autistic as I was 29 and younger. Nothing’s changed. In fact I’m more unapologetically me than during my whole 20s combined 🙂 I can’t get those years or my teens back, but those who stole them from me shall suffer this one consequence, My Found Voice.

Facebook can stay a “social network” all it wants but Twitter has to me, proven to be THE PEOPLE’S NETWORK, THE SUPPORT NETWORK, THE RESISTANCE NETWORK and MY RESTORED FAITH IN HUMANITY. I’m so glad I came back here 3 months ago with this current account. #community #socialmedia

After a year from tomorrow (or just tomorrow, not sure which), all the types of ppl I speak for will have to stop trusting me. Sorry. Its just the way of the world aka The Law. I don’t make the rules.




Dammit why must 3 ppl I value very highly ‘like’ such an obnoxious, disrespectful & discouraging tweet? Beating ppl over the head with a list of things u think they’re doing “wrong” is NOT the way to help people with a #mentalillness or more specifically, #depression. U got that?

Things that society needs to recognize:

#depression is not an “excuse”. It’s legitimate.

#Suicide should not be shamed. It should send a strong signal to those around the person they lost.

#AnxietyIsReal and affects the whole body as does depression. It’s very dangerous to…👇

…ignore it.

#mentalhealth is just as important as physical health and the two go together everytime.

Reaching out and seeking help is a strength, especially being able to recognize u have a problem.

Suicide victims are NOT hellbound. And they ARE victims.


And lastly…





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