As We Go Forward…

I may have not mentioned this yet on this blog so given the subject of this post, it’s necessary to let you all know. Before this blog started in late March, I was taking classes at a recording studio in my city that produces music for local artists and even produced and engineered for big names like Usher and TLC. I have been taking classes over there since last November and learning audio engineering and writing/producing music. (Actually as I am writing this, I just remembered I did mention all of this a little in my very early posts so if it was confusing then, this will give it the context it may have needed) When my depression hit it’s absolute peak at the time I started this blog, it was really hard for me to hold it together and keep doing these classes. So I had to call the studio, let them know every detail of what was going on and a few weeks later I called them again and told them I was well enough to pick up where I left off. They were cool about it but due to them moving to a new location, they couldn’t schedule me for another session until another number of weeks later. Yesterday was my first time being back. And let me tell you, it went A LOT better than I expected. Nobody gave me shit for taking a little break and was very glad to have me back more than anything else. The reason I am writing this post is to explain where I want to go with these skills I’m learning and doing at home everyday on my MacBook. This would be something I would do on the side of a regular job, NOT do as a career. I want to be a (don’t laugh) mental health oriented rapper/spoken word artist/producer that is EXCLUSIVE to my constantly growing mental health advocacy community online. This blog will possibly in the future feature links to professionally mixed and recorded songs on my Soundcloud and links would also appear in my twitter and any community site I currently belong to. If this turns into a job itself, cool. But I don’t plan on that. I care more about being a positive influence on victims of a broken society and have NO desire to be famous. If my influence ends up being huge, that’s another matter. But fame by itself is something I do not want or anything associated with the “industry”. But when I start coming up with more specific ideas on how this would work, I will immediately blog about it. I am just glad I am back at this studio as if no time has passed since I was last there. Things are starting to move forward again.

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