Masking Is Mental Poison (Originally Published On June 10th, 2018)

Are you tired of the fear of being judged? Tired of trying to present yourself a certain way for acceptance? Tired of walking down the street in fear of people passing and calling the cops on you because a robbery just happened and you look “suspicious” because you don’t look normal?
Okay that last question applied to something that happened to me once, I’ll admit. But overall, the answer is always yes. Even if you think you don’t feel that way, you probably are so used to masking that it took over your lifestyle and ways of thinking. That is not a good thing! I know. When I was in college and even high school, I felt like I had to act a certain way and like certain things just to get accepted, or better yet, not get in trouble. But I turned my actual thoughts off and couldn’t speak for myself for years. It led to self doubt and lack of confidence. It made my fears 100 times worse. If I was to snap, I may have even been serving a lifetime in prison. This is not exaggerating. This is the truth. Masking and bottling up emotions are equally harmful and neither help your reputation or your well-being. It creates a false image and can even attract people in your social circle that can end up toxic and ruin your faith in connecting with anyone again. And I can’t stress this next statement enough. It can ultimately lead to suicide. It’s hard when you have a past life where everyone brainwashed you at an early, vulnerable age to act a certain way because it’s “good for you”. But I can assure you, all of that so-called advice is 100% bullshit and is one of many contributions to a lifetime of self loathing. It sounds cliche but Be Yourself. Be Honest. Be Uncompromising. Be Daring if you want.
Nobody is a god who holds the permanent laws of humankind and our behavior. You can change them and reach people who feel victimized too. You’re not harming people. You’re helping people. And you’re ultimately saving lives in the long run. Society can change and now is the perfect time to start this shift in mental health and having it being a major priority everywhere. Keep talking and pass it on to everyone who can relate. I guarantee there are way more people who relate than one might think.

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