My Unconventional Love Of Hip Hop Pt 2 (My Mixtapes)

While my previous post explained why I connect with Hip Hop so much and how it is subconsciously a big part of my outlook on life, I have yet to explain where the obsessive Aspieness comes in to play. When I was about 14 and my parents were a lot less strict about me listening to CDs with a Parental Advisory sticker on them (remember those?!), I started using my allowance to ONLY buy the hottest rap albums of the particular week. Birthday and Christmas money would go to older albums that were certified hip hop classics (ones at that I time I have not yet heard). My CD collection grew quite rapidly and so did my knowledge of every line, every song title, even every quote in the “thank you” notes that were almost always included in the CD booklet (remember THOSE?!). It became a collectors hobby, expect they were not just to look at. My photographic memory was (and still is) so wide and infinite, I could rap an entire album off the top of my head if I listened to it regularly. This paid off in high school where I would become very popular (fun revealing fact: THAT is how I earned the nickname Madd Dawg) once people heard me in the cafeteria with classmates of my photography class rapping random songs from The Notorious B.I.G.’s album “Ready To Die”. Somewhere down that road, I would end up being the lead vocalist in a school band called Chocolate Lettuce during my senior year. I would rap. The guitarists, keyboardist and drummer would recreate beats of the particular rap song I’m doing. We first performed at the school’s Battle Of The Bands where I would have the whole auditorium rowdy as ever by simply rapping the simple lyrics to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin And Juice” (my twist on it was screaming the song instead of using the cool laid back style of Snoop).
Fast forward 10 years later. My and my long-term girlfriend broke up in 2016. It happened during the peak of my depression and my desire to be completely isolated from everyone and everything. But what kept me sane and active was taking every single one of my CDs and iTunes purchases from over the years and using my audio editing software to make megamixes of all things hip hop. Given my extensive knowledge about hip hop’s history at this point, I would be making a 3-hour mix with a specific theme every day, if not two tapes everyday. These would be what I would listen to from then on. It wasn’t until this year that I finally had the balls to take all of the 3-hour mp3 files I have worked on (I swear there are like 200 of them at this point) and upload them onto my new Mixcloud account. The account has been around roughly two and a half months so far but I have been getting listens from around the globe, along with people favoriting certain mixes and even reposting them every now and then. It makes me happy just to know people are enjoying these just as much as I enjoyed working on them when I REALLY needed something to enjoy. If you are curious to know what my listening habits are like (and have been like since I was 12), click on the link below and check out my Mixcloud 🙂 Just to warn you, the music is extremely vulgar, but I’m assuming you already knew that.

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