My Answer For A NAMI Survey Question

Originally posted on May 27th 2018 (

In regards to the 5K Mental Health Awareness Walk last week, I finally filled out their online survey asking for feedback.
One of the questions asked me to explain (thank GOD they didn’t put a limit on character or word count) what suggestions I would have for the 2019 walk.

This is what I said:
The location was practically non-existent and 5K is too short. Mental health matters just as much as any other publicized cause (which I am sure you know) and what I witnessed was a small crowd of mostly non stigmatized people walking by the Charles River like it was just for fun. I was at the Mothers Day Walk For Peace the previous week which went from Dorchester to City Hall in Boston. It was a protest and it was publicized by multiple media outlets. You guys may not yet have the funding for something like this but you do need to spread the word out in a way that will reach a wider amount of people to get more funding and sponsorship. Considering the way mental health effects people, families and communities day to day everywhere worldwide, this should receive the same attention as gender inequality, racism, gun violence and pretty much anything political. This is not an insane or extreme statement. It’s the truth. It’s universal. And with the right platform and outreach, believe me, people WILL listen and contribute.

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