Motivational Speech In Print…By Me (Originally Published On May 31st 2018)

I am done feeling sorry for myself. I am on a mission and will not stop reaching my goals. This is not me just giving corny, cliche motivational one-liners. I am dead serious. I have come so far reshaping myself in just the past month let alone when I started this blog. And things can only look up from here. And honestly, given all of the tragic things I continue to hear about day to day (this is being posted on the day ANOTHER school shooting happened), me and many others have no choice but to keep going. Otherwise we are pretty much committing suicide. I have been through hell for almost 30 years now. I am not where most people my age, spectrum or not, are. They are either far ahead or are even worse off because of the lack of resources and support. But this is not about other people this time. This is about my life and I have the power to make it right for the next chapter. This is proven every day little by little. And it’s a tough journey, but I would not have it any other way. If this wasn’t the case, I would not be able to change people’s lives for the better and redirect the treatment of such people (which believe it or not, if you see my twitter, I am ALREADY doing this :))) because I tell me story in the most detailed way possible to a new person every day. And every time, I feel validated and am constantly reassured that what I have been through is not my fault and the fact that I am still standing shows incredible strength and endurance. I will not just be another regular guy who trudged through the hot ashes just to have a “normal” life. I will help change the world. You know the saying “You can’t change the world until you change yourself?” Well, I am constantly noticing myself doing both a little each day. “And I won’t stop, cause I can’t stop. Don’t even know how to stop.” – Sean “Puffy/Diddy/Love” Combs

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