Another List About People Like Me And Me Personally

1. We HAVE empathy. With me, it is almost too much. After the Sante Fe school shooting last Friday, I had another mental breakdown. And I live in a practically gunfree Massachusetts

2. We are more creative. Fact! I even believe Albert Einstein was an Aspie.

3. Depression is not just one feeling. It goes in stages over a number of years. The worst stage is when you don’t feel depressed. You simply feel nothing.

4. I and everyone who shares this trait will continue to walk around LOOKING angry because that’s how we look. It’s nothing personal. Anyone who knows me in person knows I’m a very laid back dude.

5. I get socially anxious when someone doesn’t get back to me right away or when they subtweet or blog about someone subliminally. I assume the worst and illogically think it’s about me.

6. The reason why I listen to hip hop the most is despite the themes in modern gangsta rap I don’t agree with nor relate to, it is nihilistic and emotionless a lot of the time, so I am just entertained since that’s all it is at the end of the day.

7. Besides redefining the word “adult”, the term “positive” needs a heavy makeover too. Okay that was subliminal but in a friendly way. Think of it as a shoutout to someone.

8. Medication may have damaged my life originally, but it also saved my life in the nick of time when I was FINALLY diagnosed with bipolar. But you’re probably sick of me telling that story. It really was life saving though. No exaggerations.

9. The day I wrote my first blog post (March 26th), my mind was deep in regret. Fast forward to today and I regret a lot less. Everything happens for a reason and if I hadn’t been through this shit for years, I wouldn’t have as good and profound of a story to tell.

10. Justice needs to be served for Aspergers in America (and other countries too but that’s for another blog post). It was removed from the medical directory in 2013. A backwards move for sure and there are far more cons than pros in this. I am in the process of starting a petition on to demand this ridiculous move be reversed while promoting far more attention and awareness to the public AND better accommodations that fit the person, not the generalized stereotypes we all fall under. Action For ASD will hopefully get back to me soon so they can assist me in doing this effectively. PS That SEND UK petition in my blog was created by them. Small world I know.

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