Where I’m At Now

A lot has happened since I posted that long ass video a week and a half ago. Here’s a list of updates…

1. Before that second time I was sent to the ER in late April, I had come across an email that was surprisingly from AANE (not giving them anymore credit though). It contained a link to an upcoming TV docu-series featuring young “adult”s with Aspergers struggling to sustain or even obtain a job. I filled out the online application and while some time went by, I got a call from someone at the production company a couple days ago who talked to me a little more as she quite possibly is adding me to the cast at a point. She will call back again soon. Crossing my fingers on this.

2. You may have already been aware from this blog that I will be walking with NAMIMass this Saturday at the tail end of “Mental Health Awareness Week”. I have been emailing people I know in my area asking them to help fundraise for my contribution. My original goal was $100. In just a few hours, the donations exceeded that amount:) So in the two remaining days, with more people added to my email list, my new goal is $300. I am 75% there currently.

3. My dad knows someone who works in his office that can possibly get me a job there doing data entry. I will know tomorrow morning if it is possible and I can move forward in applying and going through the mandatory but easy (in this case) hiring process. It may or may not be only seasonal, but it gives me some much needed income to invest in a Boston apartment late this year while SSDI takes care of most of the rent. Also, like I said in the autism walk post, part of every paycheck will contribute to funding for legit autism and mental health causes, the upcoming walks included.

4. I have been reposting old blog posts because a week ago I subscribed to BlogPros which is a blog or online business promotional tool that promotes your site for you through social media and sharing from readers contribute to me getting a lot of hits in a very little amount of time. This was especially beneficial for MDM Club when I reposted my testimonial piece telling my readers to check the club out and become members. Reposting the SEND petition from Change.org also has been a bit helpful too.

5. I have been on Twitter (under my still brand new account) for less than a month now and while I am currently typing this, I have 133 followers already. All of which (well 90% of them anyway) are legit advocates for equal rights, disabilities, autism and mental health. It always makes my day when I connect with these people in a thread and get instant recognition and retweets immediately. Not to brag, but that and MDM are proof that not all socializing needs to be face to face.

So there you have it. I won’t say “It’s all good” yet, because on the larger scale in what I care about changing, we got a lot of work to do, but we are already getting started and THAT’S definitely all good.

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