10 Important Facts About People Like Me

1. I am not changing or masking for shit anymore. It’s society’s turn from here on out.

2. I am not editing any of my posts with cursing in them. It will reach out to parents and educators regardless. My family is old and out of the loop.

3. Social and Emotional Support >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Medication

4. Autism is NOT a mental illness. It was originally listed as such and as a result my life turned out to be a living hell without my consent.

5. I have every right to be angry. All trauma matters. Not just the physical (which I had too) and conventional kind.

6. The media needs to stop portraying ONLY autistic children as school shooters. And they also need to stop romanticizing the shooters (all white) as sympathetic souls at the SAME TIME.

7. If you call me an “adult” as a compliment one more time, you are not my neurotypical ally.

8. Mental Health Month or Week should extend to Mental Health Forever. This is bigger than a fucking trend.

9. I am seeing my psychiatrist for the millionth time in a month today. She needs to grovel for my trust now.

10. The term libtard or leftard is equally as offensive as the word “faggot” or any other slur (okay I personally believe racial slurs are even worse but that’s me) including the word “retard” itself. This is one of the reasons why Donald Trump should be the one exception when talking about peace for everyone. Some devils are too old and bigoted to change.

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