Miscommunication (Jobs Vs The Spectrum Pt 2)

One of the biggest struggles I’ve had as an Aspie at all my jobs was basic instructions. Why? Miscommunication. Now let me explain why it is legitimate miscommunication. When your supervisor doesn’t go over something with you regarding an important task prior to you doing it, and then when you fail at doing it correctly, you get the infuriating phrase “You should just know” or “You should know this by now”.
How can I know something if you never trained me to do it in the first place?
Now if you ask me, this should not even apply to being an Aspie vs a Neurotypical. It’s just common fucking sense. Especially if this task is important, maybe assign it to someone who has worked here longer?
But the thing is, Neurotypicals (not all, just from my experience) tend to maneuver around these imperfect forms of management and say “Oh well, that’s just the way it is”. So maybe it isn’t just an Aspie thing (sometimes needing very explicit instruction, or in this scenario, just instruction at least). Maybe I’m what they call an “idealist”. Well why not? Not only was I raised that way, but I’m not talking about some fantasy world utopia. I’m talking about people taking a second to think and use common sense. This tends to be lost with a lot of people with a form of power. And if it’s due to stress, maybe they wouldn’t bring it so much on themselves if they used their brain more often. I’m an Aspie, so brain power goes with my territory. Not that it shouldn’t be that way with everyone else though.

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