Jobs Vs The Spectrum

It isn’t a surprise that finding a job, let alone sustaining a job, is one of the biggest struggles a young “adult” Aspie can go through. And the sad truth is, they most likely have to go through it. But if things were different, in a better way than now, would going through that struggle be worth it, let alone be necessary?
The answer is no. No no no. Now when I say jobs, if you are young and have no job experience (which is very overrated anyway) then you are most likely going to apply for a retail job for minimum wage. If you have worked where I worked in the past, you should expect no support from supervisors, the manager or even your fellow associates. Why is this? Because it was (and for all I know still is) frowned upon to disclose the fact that you have a learning disability. Not a physical disability which would get accommodations at the drop of a hat, but a learning disability. To quote this girl I remember from an Aspie internship oriented seminar, “That’s discrimination!” You damn right it is.
And the thing is, when I was going through my depression, all I cared about was getting a paycheck every week to splurge on things to shelter myself from the world I wanted to be apart from. So I was willing to take the abuse in the beginning of these jobs, but the same pattern would happen. They would all be retail/sales associate/customer service positions. Serving assholes. Sucking up to The Man. Eliminating your self esteem even more. Being forced to believe this is what life in the real world is like and if you have a problem with it you must be a spoiled brat who is lazy and got rewards from your 2nd grade teacher for showing up to class. Yeah, all that ran through my mind. The pattern would result in me either getting overwhelmed and/or getting angry at the people who run things over there and are taking advantage of me being a good worker and a nice guy. So I would quit as a result. I never was fired. I always quit and I don’t regret it.
A regular job should not be something an Aspie or anyone with a disability has to accept as all they will ever do with their lives. We are creative. We see things neurotypicals don’t. We are better detailed. We have great memory. And I’ll bet you in the performing arts, there is an overwhelming percentage of talented and famous people who live with a mental health issue and embrace it to the fullest. If you are the type that is satisfied with what you have and have no intention of going forward, I understand so don’t let anyone tell you you’re wrong. But if you are never satisfied and want to achieve greatness, I understand that too.
Just know that the job you want and need is more important than the shitty job that’s currently available to you. If you’re family can afford to provide for you financially and morally, you do not need to apply for something that’s easy to get. A minimum wage paycheck is not what we were put on this earth to look forward to.
Also, disclose all you want because you have every right to. If they fire you, you are better off. And if you’re really ballsy, sue them. We can’t have justice by meeting them halfway while they return zero percent in meeting us back. We matter too. And I still will not stop saying that. Because Aspies are not AI. We are no less human than my first boss at that supermarket I will not say by name…yet. That’s my 2 cents.
#AutismAcceptance #MentalHealthMatters

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