Find Like-Minded People?…Check

Today was very much needed and is yet another huge leap in the emotional detox process which I now officially can say started over a month ago. In a much earlier post, I mentioned a Meetup group I had joined called Fringe Aspies. But I was a little disappointed they only meet once a month (although the next meeting’s only in a couple weeks but anyway). What Fringe Aspies means is that this is a closed group that is strictly for people (young “adults” (I will always put that dreadful word in quotes btw)) who are on the autistic spectrum but are “normal” enough to not be perceived as such to the average person. While I don’t like giving the impression that I am disrespecting the extreme and YOUNG aspies, I do feel that me and this meetup group represent the part of the wide spectrum that is overlooked and often blamed by Neurotypicals as having it all good and it’s OUR fault if we don’t and are living with our parents, are unemployed or do not drive. While Fringe Aspies is advertised as hanging out in Brighton and having fun, what I experienced this afternoon was something I have been missing since God knows when. Face to face (not long distance or online) people to connect with that GET IT!! You know why? Because their experiences are PRACTICALLY THE SAME! Where have these people been all my life?? Anyway, we spent more time venting to each other than playing board games at this sandwich shop. We talked about the illusion that accommodations are “making progress” and shared our distaste for the phrase “networking” among many other justifiably infuriating things that more people on this planet should also have a problem with. Also, we all shared the same sentiment that we would have possibly had it easier if we were born in the late 90s. Not the late 80s or early 80s. Then (in Massachusetts anyway), the trauma I live with day to day may be a lot lighter and less painful. But then again, if “progress is being made”, then we wouldn’t be venting about this shit in the first place now would we? Bottom line, I am glad I joined this group. I really needed this, mainly because it is face to face. Not online, and we are all in the same age range.
I still want to create my own meetup group and the organizer for Fringe Aspies has inspired me even more to do so. I have been so preoccupied with recovery and getting a legit therapist that I have mainly been blogging, practicing making beats on Logic, and building meaningful connections with online disability advocates. Now that I am finally seeing my possible new therapist for the first time tomorrow and my current psychologist is nearing the end of HIS recovery, I am more focused than ever. Like LL Cool J said, “Don’t Call It A Comeback” Well to be honest, in my case, it kinda is that. But I Am Not Ashamed to say it.

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